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'The story about KPRO

At first instance the KPRO clan was intended to be exclusive for knife professionals. in 2013 we decided to make KPRO clan as a community, so everyone could join our wonderful community and be a member of KPRO.

One day I (Battlememo) asked the leader of CROW (you may know him as CorvusCorax-CH-) if he would be interrested in a little deal. Since the KPRO server was a lot of the time online, very full, and around the time I was a young student, this was the reason I needed some financial aid from them. In change for this financial aid the KPRO server would be named after the CROW Community. But in the day my English wasn’t very good. Around the time when one of their many servers crashed I asked CorvusCorax-CH- what he thought of my idea and if I could become a CROW admin. Because of my poor English there may have been a misunderstanding. Then the CROW clan suddenly published a letter and from what you could read it was obvious that it was directed at the KPRO clan. This event triggered many reactions and we became enemies. After many letters that were distributed from CROW and KPRO our servers began to crash daily, as well as KPRO members got hit down by DDoS Attacks.

Around the time we have tried almost every provider which possibly could handle those attacks, unfortunately the attacks were to large that some providers even cancelled the server. After few months being passed, we thought the attacks were stopped, unfortunately the server after being online, was only up 10 minutes and got hit down by a extremly large DDoS attack, so we finally gave up, as it was nothing than only wasting money and time.

We suspect some players/communites who might behind these bad activities, if we are statsified about the concrete proofs we got, it might be shared on our platoons.

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