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Platoon Presentation

SWAT platoon is ready to challenge any clan. If any clan is interested., please contact the ID zidane2122 thanks

As you know SWAT means Special Weapon And Tactic thus we are looking and recruiting Good and Tactical players .

We are not the ordinary clan which means we care about team working based on reviving your team mates giving the health pack repairing the vehicles giving the supplies ( Ammo Box ) and covering the troops by the jets and attack helicopter .


#1 We do not accept insulting player and the members if we see that you're doing this you're going to be kicked from this clan

#2 All the members should add the leaders in the PSN and play with them

#3 All the members should follow chaine of command .

#4 Before the clan war we are going to practice together and for the result we recriut based on best score and best team work .

#5 When we announce date of practicing for the clan war all the member SHOULD join and follow the leaders order but if you're not join able to join for havin' some problem just let leaders know about your problem and they will put you out of training .

#6 In this order if the members see the one clan worth it for clan war just let these leaders know about this
Slimbaetbox - Zidane2122

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