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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the Omega! This is the end of you pup life as you know it! This is for those who wish to expand the skill level and be on the path to become an elite.


1. Be an active member of the core platoon. Staying active on battlelog and in the game itself is the 1000% most important thing needed to even join this.
2. No rageing, those are childish things and I do not wish to have them here.
3. MUST, let me stress, have a good realtionship with fellow members of the core platoon.

Requirements to become a LEADER:

1. Prove yourself in various ways, to me.

****************To All Members****************

Follow the rules that are given before ALL matches. Do not act on your own, do not revive someone unless it is safe and you can cover the downed man! No RAGE quiting. If you are commited to win, and do what needs to be done, you will win.

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