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The Myrmidons or Myrmidones (Greek: Μυρμιδόνες) were legendary people of Greek history.
They were very brave and skilled warriors.
According to Homer's Iliad, the Myrmidons were the fiercest warriors in all of Greece. As said in Iliad, "Go home, then, with your ships and comrades to lord it over the Myrmidons..."

This group is to be the Elite of the best bolt action players on BF3.
The ones that utilize their rifles effectively in order to dominate the battiefled.
As long as you use bolt action rifles, you are in the club .
The only requirements we ask at the moment are simple if you really like to play as a sniper.
You should show us that you play as Recon (Service Stars) with bolt action rifles.
You need to breathe and live sniper !!!

"All it takes is 1 skilled sniper to win a game. "

We wont play as a clan, think of this more as a club. No need to tag .
If you guys know of any other good bolt action players, just invite them to join, and they will be accepted.

"Peek-a-boo, I see you. You can't see me, but I see you and my spotter can too. I pull the trigger, the bullet flies. Opponents watch as one of their own dies."

And the Gods be with us.....

The Sniper Courage

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