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Personally i prefer this to downloading through torrents as i can be watching a movie (provided its uploaded) in 30 seconds and the good links stream fast enough that they won't pause.

---WARNING: using these streaming websites leaves tracking cookies on your computer (spyware) and occasionaly high risk intrusion attempts.. be sure to only use if you have a reliable and up to date antivirus/spyware cleaner. (spyware potentially can steal personal information).
popular streaming sites are less likey to have issues but they can still arise

http://www.solarmovie.so (good for movies, old & new)

http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/ (good for shows and older movies)

--------------------------- HOW TO ---------------------------
Best channel options are usually "PutLocker", "Filenuke", "shockshare", some of the others have slow streaming rates.
1. Go to the website and type in the movie u want

2. choose a channel (putlocker, shockshare, filenuke are the best [in that order])

3. click the blue play button (will open a new window with player)

4. click the "close ad and watch as free user button", this will open a popup and then a few seconds later the button should change to say "play now"

5. click "play now". it will open another popup and your movie will be loading already

6. close any popups that are open, DO A VIRUS SCAN NOW OR AFTER watching the movie to remove the tracking cookies that the popups left.

BAM! enjoy

(with some of the other channels that i havent discussed, u can try to use them just remember, u should NEVER have to download anything and even when theres ads saying stuff like "need to download codecs" just ignore that and try clicking the play button on the player [alot of the ads try to trick you into clicking])