Echo Company
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Platoon Presentation

or becoming better at a certain aspect of the game. We are always recruiting members. We scrim anytime after 7:00pm est Fridays-Sundays. We always have players online everyday of the week for Pub stomping.
We are always improving.
We are growing everyday
We play tactical and are still able to have fun
We will become allies with any teams interested. ( Will Merge )
We arent afraid to lose. We learn from our losses

How to join our platoon ?
1. Must be the rank of Colonel 25+
2. Must be good at both air and ground.
3. Must have a KD of 1.40+
4. Must be active
5. Must be trustworthy
6. Must be willing to help out in all ways
7. 16+ And mature for your age
8. Must have the "Echo" Platoon tag
Allies -
12v12 - 1-0
10v10 - 9-0
8v8 - 6-1
5v5 - 4-0

Total wins: 20
Total losses: 1

Upcoming Scrims:


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