Executioner's Calling
Tag: [ExC] Fans: 6 Created: 2013-03-29

Platoon Presentation

Hello we are Executioner's Calling . We are a new motivated platoon currently recruiting all positions and skill levels. the sooner you join us the better position in the platoon you will get. We are also looking for players that will stick with us and be apart of the forming process. We have unique in depth plans that we think will help us become an elite platoon. We want recruits that have ideas to make us better and that want to work side by side with the admins on and off the battlefield. We want our platoon members to dictate what direction the platoon will go. So if you are interested in helping us form or just becoming an Executioner let us know we will respond within a timely manner thank your for your time hope to see you on the battlefield very soon.

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