Ace Squad Force
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Platoon Presentation

Ace Squad Force


1. mature players preferably over the age of 16
2. have a mic and use it
3. no abuse
4. no cheating
5. no glitching
6. sign up for our website
7. wear your platoon tag (ASF)
8. bump recruitment thread when ever you on battlelog

we are a new platoon this is a platoon where we are looking for up to about 12 people to make 3 squads sick of running around like lost souls watching your team mates run past your body with a med pack on his back while you lie dead on the floor bored of spamming the back button yelling 'ammo' 'hey i need ammo' sound familiar well we are team players we drop ammo and we revive that recon player that never spots or places that key respawn beacon that will allow you to get in on that objective and keep pressure on sound like a dream like surely no people in the battlefield universe could ever be so smart wrong we are those people they do exist and now you have found them

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