Angry Doughnuts
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We love doughnuts so here we are.
Join us and become one of the deadly doughnuts.
Make the world trembles while we roll. For the doughnuts!

Only one rule: NO HACK OR CHEAT

1). To have fun being a doughnut.
2). To receive a doughnut note on BF 3 tactics and suggestions, known as "Doughnut-The Art of War". An accumulation of valuable experiences from good players like lCarnifeXl, DEVA platoon, Maseelawl, ChunhoKan and Progunn3rz.
3). Have a bunch of doughnuts to back you up. Where else on earth could u find that? LOL

1). Change your tag to [DNUT] or make your name consists the word "doughnut/ donut" or if you love your name so much that you dont want to change, then just try your best to type "donut donut" while playing in the game. LOL
2). Every donut pls download TeamSpeak Client so that we can communicate better especially for those who want to join our clan match.

Doughnut Doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut doughnut.....(doughnuts rolling out of sight)


1). The Most Loyal Doughnut------xXDedDoNutXx
(man, look at his name and tag and pic, how could he not be the most loyal doughnut member?)

2). The Most Deadly Doughnut-------ChunhoKan
(The moment you see him, you are already a dead doughnut. Make him your nemesis victim to have his place. )

3). The Angel Doughnut-------lCarnifeXl
(He is a doughnut with wings. When you are in the brink of death, you will see him shining in the dark. His revives: 21,817 Beat his record, take his place. )

4). Here's Your Ammo Doughnut-------Defalt-420
(Tired of noob supports who never provide ammo? Then sure you will love this doughnut. His support score: 4,144,930 Beat his score, take his place.)

5). The Best Flying Doughnut-------UberFriendlyGuy
(When this doughnut is in the sky, he is invincible. Score per minute for jet pilot: 3489 Beat his legendary score, take his place.)

6). The Victimized Doughnut-------ConstipateAsst
( If you see this doughnut on the street, please pick him up and treat him nicely. He needs help.)

7). The Cutest Doughnut-------DoughnutRolling
(HAM HAM POWA! The Donuts voted and he won! Cute picture FTW!)

*Awards are given through comparing the stats or vote. Want a title? Fight for it! Each member is only eligible for an award. Doughnut's Leaderboard will be updated according to the doughnut members' stats. For any information or complaint, kindly contact our founder or leaders.

We can have practice on DoughnutCookie and Xebern Donut's server:

Every donut pls download TeamSpeak Client so that we can communicate and coordinate better in the game especially during the match. TS client can be downloaded here-------


Server Address---------
(The TeamSpeak Server is donated by our kind Donut Lovatte)

We now have a server! Thank you DoughnutCookie!

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