The RayPeets
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We are The RayPeets. Fear our raypeeness...0_0

This is a platoon for friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends :D
We are not competitive but we will be having clan matches if we can.
We one big happy family, and if you want to be apart of it to and you haven't been invited, then apply :P

The Rules

1. Respect EVERYONE in the platoon
2. Wearing the clan tag IS optional, you don't need to hear it if you want to but it would be nice you you could.
3. The same rule applies with mics.
If their are any problems contact me or any of the leaders, they will be listed down below

OoParagonOo (aka PimpDaddy )

Marte-Man (aka)
Orange_killer234 (aka Orange)
Phantom_Foxhound (aka Foxtrot )

If you want to be a leader just add one of us :)

The RayPeets: We Rayp....In Battlefield *0*

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