Delta Titanz
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Platoon Presentation

We treat all other players with respect at all times and even in rage situation we don't trash talk and get embroiled in any of our enemies shortcoming, our members are better than that. Each man in a squad specializes in something different to insure max power in taking on the other team. We strive to produce a very helpful community with everyone always looking to help the TEAM before themselves. In return the team will help back. We have a wealth of experience in gaming and believe in fair play, good sportsmanship and it is Important as well that all members try to go the extra mile in being proactive.
We are not like other clans, don't expect the same treatment here.

Requirements to join DTz:.
Must have 1.4 K/D or over.
We would like to have ss50's or over, but we have open ears.
Must specialize in something useful.
Must be Actively on Bf3-Bf4.
Must be able to listen and follow squad leader when you play.

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