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Platoon Presentation

Raptor, a platoon meant for only those who desire to be among the best. We are a collection of highly skilled and knowledgeable players that can go toe to toe with any platoon out there. If you feel that you have the ability to become a Raptor platoon member, please apply.

(Guidelines applicable to change)

-A mic is required to join (Kinect is not considered a mic).

-Must be 16 or older to apply.

-You must use your squads tag at all times.

-Respect must be shown to all members, any difficulties should be worked out ONLY between the two individuals, and one moderator.. ME

-Squad leaders will be promoted based on several factors. determined by leadership abilty

-A squad leaders orders are meant to be followed, unless extremely unreasonable.

-All members must attend a minimum of two full practices each week; failing to do so without giving a notice and reason will be violating Ghost guidelines and you will be kicked.

-Members should have attainable goals coming into the platoon, pertaining to KD, SPM, or WL

-All members are expected to maintain a 1.30 KD. if you do not meet this kd, DO NOT APPLY

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