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Platoon Presentation

Hi I am Matt the One Handed Gamer. I was born without my left hand and I play video games. I make a lot of very fun video game videos. (Battlefield Shenanigans, Minecraft Let's Plays, Halo 4 mods, and much more!) I also make many videos about video game news and leaked pictures. I am currently partnered with AvokTV and ForelaDigital.

This platoon is for any of my fans who watch my videos.

If you join this platoon you will be the first to know when I post a new video.

Also this platoon is for anyone who is a youtuber and is wanting someone to help collaborate with them on their videos.

We will have game nights usually on Friday Nights. If you join you have a very good chance of getting on youtube and being featured in one of my videos.

Check out my YouTube channel and Subscribe

I plan to upload videos 1-3 times a week but right now I am in the process of getting a new capture card.


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