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Death and destruction, murder and mayhem, if these words appeal to you, if they satiate your appetite for a palpable bloodlust to bring misery to the unexpecting masses then this place is not for you, hell, the only place for you would be a nice padded room and a "I love me" jacket. We play video games, we enjoy them, we drink it up and if it's good enough, we don't believe there's shame in licking the bottom of the barrel.

The question you're asking yourself shouldn't be if you need us, because you already know that answer. No, the question should be:
"Am I tired of being shot in the back because some dufus in a pug didn't care to watch it?"
"Am I tired of being blasted out of the sky because I have no wingman to back me up?"
"Am I tired of getting total ran out of a server because the other team is stacked and it feels like me against all of them?"

Well you're in luck my friend, we'll storm that hill, drop into that hot LZ, if you need a magazine, we got you covered for the dead that we leave in our wake, a dozen is ready to trample.

We are multigaming community with wide range of interest, but currently we're knee deep in Battlefield 3 and we're getting people ready for Planetside 2 and Medal of Honor.

Join us and whether you're raising a rifle with us or a glass, we'll always consider you a friend.

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RUSH, 32 players, urban maps (metro/bazaar/demavand/seine):

CONQUEST, 64, Fly/Air vanila maps, with default vehicle respawn time (Caspian/Kharg/Fire/Canals):

TDM, 24, Canals and Kharg:


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