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Platoon Presentation

The official platoon for all Inet employees

- EYEBALLERS Noshahr Canals 250 Tickets
- EYEBALLERS Wake Island 250 Tickets
- EYEBALLERS Firestorm CQ Fast Vehicle

Please become a fan! And don't forget to visit us at

Need to get the hold of a server admin?
Find one at @ Quakenet

The servers are administrated by

Platoon feed

  • EYE-RoLLER wrote on the wall for staff:
    NEW MOUSEMAT COMPETITION! Now you can win a Qpad CT Large EYEBALLERS edition! All you have to do is to like us @ and be #1 at our Firestorm server. Competition ends next friday 3/5 at 24:00 CET. Server: EYEBALLERS Firestorm Fast Vehicle Check your current position:
  • EYE-RoLLER wrote on the wall for staff:
    Check out EYEBALLERS new server. It's Firestorm CQ 32 players, fast vehicle spawn. Get in there and KILL!
  • EYE-RoLLER wrote on the wall for staff:
    Dont miss out the finals of ESL Night Cup #4 tomorrow @ 20.00 CET against Lunatic High eSport. SQR 4vs4. You will be able to follow the live stream here: Our lineup will be: Zeinx, Grosvall, Sccar & Perfect.