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Founded in 2002, Silent Warriors is a community that plays many different FPS games on the PC. We have many years of experience with pretty much anything gaming wise. We are not looking for elitist(though some of us are a little full of ourselves), we are looking for people who like to have fun, can take a joke and maybe even throw one back. People who like to make friends (and some rivalries in jest) and just game together.

Discord Info

To join Clan:

1. Please register and fill out an application on our website at
2. Wait for the Leader or an officer to get back with you.
3. Have a short interview on Discord
(we do not accept through battlelog unless an app is on our forums.)

Sincerely the SWG Team.

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  • TSW-Mage wrote on the wall for Silent Warriors:
    We are now gearing up for Battlefield V so if you plan on playing that please drop into our Discord to get all setup! Full BFV info can be found here!
  • Dicekorv wrote on the wall for Silent Warriors:
    Hey guys! As some of you oldies might now, I have been incredibly inactive, but that is due to joining the army, I am home now though, so whilst writing this I am downloading BF4. Let's do this!
  • TSW-Mage wrote on the wall for Silent Warriors:
    TroiiiE has been removed from the Platoon for breaking Dice's EULA by boosting. Hacking/exploiting and otherwise breaking game EULA's is against SWG/TSW policy and you will be removed for it.
  • TSW-Mage wrote on the wall for Silent Warriors:
    I have received the info necessary to setup our BF4 server and the procon layer for admin. It will be ready to go at zero hour. Once I am able to get a direct link to the server to give to everyone I will update this message with it. Reminder: While playing BF4 with us it is required to be in TS at all times. We can make more channels for less chatter. TS Info can be found here: Thanks!
    TSW-Mage SERVER:
    6 years ago
    TSW-Mage Oops new link since I bugged something lol
    6 years ago
  • TSW-Mage wrote on the wall for Silent Warriors:
    BF4 server has been ordered please follow the link to the poll for what game type to run, thanks!
  • TSW-Mage wrote on the wall for Silent Warriors:
    Since BF4 is not going to have platoons until sometime next year we will have to require forum and now Mumble usage from the members so we can facilitate working together as a clan. We now have a mumble server we are using instead of TS3. Join us in TS and get setup.
  • TSW-Mage wrote on the wall for Silent Warriors:
    OK since all the messages I have been sending via our website seem to be bugged I am leaving one here instead. I would like to see everyone in TS3 for BF4 beta. We need to go over some things for live as well as get together as a team and stomp some peeps in beta! Hope to see you in TS and on the battlefield!
    Superweb2 i'll be on @ launch time. hope to see everyone on.
    7 years ago
  • Ancientprimeval wrote on the wall for Silent Warriors:
    when i play a server i get DC'ed and for some reason there is no server notification that i left just like quitting a single-player game
    Ancientprimeval nvm must just be my bf3 crashing
    7 years ago
  • Blitzcat21 joined the platoon Silent Warriors