GROM Polish SpecOpUnit
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Platoon Presentation

"GROM (In Polish: sometimes translated Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego (Operational Mobile Reaction Group); the acronym itself means "thunderbolt") is one of five special forces units of the Polish Armed Forces. It was officially activated on July 8, 1990. It can be and is deployed in a variety of special operations and unconventional warfare roles, including anti-terrorist actions and projection of power behind enemy lines."

Some facts:

- We're casual
- We're noob
- We're old (ok, not all :))
- We're play just for fun
- We're co-op / team players
- We're friendly
- We're don't like serious & competition games
- We do not like religious/political insult
- We've open minds

Game = Fun! That's our priority!

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