Scout Sniper Platoon
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Sniper Etymology:

The verb "to snipe" originated in the 1770s among soldiers in British India where a hunter skilled enough to kill the
elusive snipe was dubbed a "sniper". The term sniper was first attested in 1824 in the sense of the word

During the American Civil War, the common term used in the United States was "sharpshooter", which is a reference to and a tribute to the Sharps rifles that were commonly used by Civil War "snipers", but the term "sharpshooter"
does not originate with users of the Sharp's Rifle. The rifle was designed by Christian Sharps and made from
1850 onwards by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company. They were renowned for long range and accuracy, and
they were issued only to the best shooters. However, the term "sharp shooter" had been in use in British newspapers as early as 1801. In the Edinburgh Advertiser, 23 June 1801, can be found the following quote in a piece about the North British Militia; "This Regiment has several Field Pieces, and two companies of Sharp Shooters, which are very necessary in the modern Stile of War". The term appears even earlier, around 1781, in Europe.

Another common term used in the United States during the American Civil War was "skirmisher". Throughout history armies have used skirmishers to break up enemy formations and to thwart the enemy from flanking the main body of their attack force. They were deployed individually on the extremes of the moving army primarily to scout for the
possibility of an enemy ambush. Consequently, a "skirmish" denotes a clash of small scope between these forces. In general, a skirmish was a limited combat, involving troops other than those of the main body. The term "sniper" was not in widespread use in the United States until after the American Civil War.

Join the Hunt with SSP.
"SSP is a Sniper Fan Platoon Only."

Like all successful platoons, we recognise that people are our biggest asset. We are firm believers that Scout Sniper Platoon is the main reason our customers choose to do business with us. As an ever growing player on the
battlefield, we are seeking people who are motivated by headshots, tissue damage, organ trauma, and blood loss,
to join our team.
SSP prides itself on shot placements and maintaining mature, business focused and supportive relationships
with our clients.
We are always looking to speak to people with successful Counter-sniper tactic experience from a technical
background, especially those within the Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Target marking for Air-Strikes,
Killing enemy commanders or Selecting targets of opportunity and Destruction of military equipment sectors.
In return we offer;

• Excellent base salary
• Attractive quarterly commission scheme
• 25 days annual leave
• Mature working environment
• No micromanagement

If you think you have what it takes to be an exceptional consultant for one of Battlefield 3 leaders in
Technical Sniping, get in touch with SSP today and get your hog's tooth.