1st MSOT
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Platoon Presentation

Hello everybody!
Welcome to the 1st Marine Special Operations Team(MSOT).
I have created this clan so that we can play as a highly expierenced, 14 Man Team.
If you are interested.
please Become a Fan and join the platoon. Also, send me a message on Xbox Live.
My gamertag is DJ Stephalize. We use the real military tactics that True Special Ops does, if possible in the game.
I leave for bootcamp my self in June, and will be undergoing a 18 month training course with MARSOC. If you are a actual veteran, We mean no disrespect. We highly respect our veterans, of all branches.
Thank you for reading this, Please consider our clan.


Captain: DJ Stephalize
1st Lieutenant(s): n/a
2nd Lieutenant(s): n/a

Warrant Officers
CWO-5(s): n/a
CWO-4(s): n/a
CWO-3(s): n/a
CWO-2(s): n/a
CWO-1(s): n/a
Infantry Weapons Officer(s): n/a

Sergeant Major of USMC: n/a
Sergeant Major: n/a
Master Gunnery Sergeant: Bill Italia
First Sergeant(s): Chettar Bob
Master Sergeant: vDarkKupo
Gunnery Sergeant(s): Irish Bloodz
Staff Sergeant: BIGxTHREAT320


Sergeant: n/a
Corporal: NSW MAYHEM

Junior Enlisted

Lance Corporal: NSW InJust
PFC: Pl2ROBLEM, Beavermann122
Private: NotoriousD0A, Mr Molesty58

Recruits: Mr Molesty 84

Fireteam Echo:
SL: DJ Stephalize - Assault/Engineer
Irish Bloodz - Assault
Big Threat - Support/Demolitions
vDarkKupo - Recon

Fireteam November:
SL: Bill Italia - Support/Demolitions
NSW InJust - Assault
P12OBLEM - Assault
NSW Mayhem - Recon/Engineer

Fireteam Xray
SL: Chettar Bob - Assault
Beavermann122 - Support
Brown - Assault
Mr Molesty84 - Recon

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