Relentless Blitzkrieg
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Platoon Presentation


-Play for fun...

-AND for the objective.

-Stay together with your squad! It's hard to support or be supported when you're on the other side of the map.

-Give support to your teammates, a dead comrade lying on the floor is more important than jumping around and killing the other team mindlessly.

-Coordinate your moves, choose a class that balance the needs of the squad.
-Please don't use USAS with frag rounds, no one will love you if you do.

-If you want to join the Platoon, message me (KeyChainDude) on PSN.

-Rush is our main game mode, but we can play CQ or the Squad game modes. TDM is not really our thing, but we can join some matches if you want to and ask properly.

-The "RBK" tag is not necessary, you don't have to use it if you play with other platoons and is using a different tag. But if you wish us to become your primary platoon, well... We're flattered! :D

-Not all members have mics, but we do talk on the text chat on PSN while playing. Even if you do have a mic, try joining the chat anyway so we can communicate even without wearing a headset.

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