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5150 BF3 Adult Only Platoon

Multi Platforms Xbox - PC and more

If you’re interested in starting a branch in another game, send Targa Ray a message

Founded by: Targa Ray

Sponsored by -
www.5wiredGaming.com They Build and Sponsor Gaming Communities - Offer Clan Websites - Classifieds - Pro Shop & Entertainment Gear and more

www.5wireGaming.com and the 5150 Platoon is Sponsoring 4 Servers for Three Months

Owner Targa Ray -
Paid for and Admined by Adult Members and www.5wireGaming.com

5150 Platoon welcomes mature Adult players of "any skill level" from multi clans, that share a common love of all battlefield games.

Some of our [5150] members are Top in the world and best of the best, others are just fun to game with.... However, this Platoon is for fun only. Your stats, rank, clan, and/or platoon hold no value here. If you are cool and fun to game with, You are in. If you are annoying, loud, obnoxious or bring disruptive behavior and/or are a whinny player You are out..

5150 Adult Platoon was founded on 2009 BF2 by Targa Ray but only opened to recruitment on BF3 2011, The clan was founded on the basis of becoming a place for gamers of both casual and competitive play styles to call their own.

We consider each individual unique therefore having unique ideas and the potential to help us better ourselves and this clan. Each and every member that joins will find that we have active, mature, laid back and understanding leadership. We will be here for each and every member that needs help and understand that life takes priority over any gaming.

We are setup with a basic rank structure that encourages members to work their way up. This structure is to help produce an organized system and to reward those that have shown a high level of activity and dedication.

We are always looking to recruit new talented individuals and increase the size of the clan. We welcome both casual and competitive gamers with open arms and are dedicated to making sure the 5150 Platoon stays at this level of friends. So if you would like to join visit our website and apply here.
All members must sign also up at our website.

We are looking for more mature Adult gamers from all time zones. New Members

Members range from Active and Past Military, Police Officers, Combat Trainers, Game Developers, Programmers, Multimedia Developers, Web Developers, Contactors, Teachers, Many with Family and professional careers.... Some just "full/ part time Gamers?"

No BS, No Obnoxious Friends, No Obnoxious Behavior...
Just a chilled group of adult players.

members do [5150] clan tag.

Formation In order of leadership:

- Founders - Targa Ray
- Co Founders - [5150] BROTHER1224
- Co Founders - [5150] JREMY 4201976


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