Contract Killers
Tag: [KILL] Fans: 36 Created: 2012-01-20

Platoon Presentation

Contract Killers is for casual players or competitive players it don't matter. I made this platoon for people who have a life and can't play all the time but still want a squad to team up with when you do play.

Winning isn't everything having fun is so have fun and win in the process. There is nothing more annoying then someone to serious over a game ruining the fun for everyone.

Having a mic isn't required but it helps. If you can work as a team without it then go ahead.

Play as a team, play your role and play for the objective.

The only requirement is that your over 18. There are exceptions to the rule but not many.

Once your a Killer make sure to add everyone on battlelog and psn you never know who is online ready to teach noobs a lesson in Warfare.

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