After School Tea Time
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Platoon Presentation

***IMPORANT!!!!**** On battlelog you can only be in 5 platoons at a time! please leave a platoon if you are at 5 already! if you don't want to leave your 5 chosen platoons please don't apply because we cannot accept you because battlelog wont let us! **** (Edited in by Veganzombie cus he is mad at people with 5 platoons already chosen applying)

This is the platoon for anyone who likes tea time (or K-On!). Feel free to join us and fan us, we are a friendly bunch here.

Leave your suggestions below for things we could get up to, maybe meet up and have tea time or play on Battlefield 3 representing After School Tea Time, we want to hear them.

If you have any questions about Tea or K-On or anything else, feel free to ask me VeganZombie-chan.

That remains one last thing to say: Happy Tea Time!!!!!!

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