Against March Patch #2
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We also NEED people to sign this peititon:
For the devs:

Members of this platoon are against the patch issued late-march.

We believe it is not needed and can be way improved.

This website is the sum-up of what we think is negative, and should be improved on, worked on, or totally removed.

What do we expect?
Choose one
- Significantly IMPROVE on this current patch (Rollback while keeping some of the good features)
- Rollback to pre-29th march patch

And we also demand these:
- Release patch notes two months before the actual patch, and listen to all feedback and consider it (This means being more active on the forums. Way more active.)
- Proper patch testers before they are released (NOT FROM DICE, VOLUNTEERS FOR THE COMMUNITY)
- No more fixing what's not broken.
- You remove all feedback threads and wishlist thread and instead make a thread that redirects all players to Getsatisfaction, as you never look at the forums.

Other than general problems you have caused, this is what the patch created:
- Random whole-server kicks
- Constant Micro stuttering

DICE, whilst you're at it, be handy and:

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Against the patch? Want to improve/remove it?
Please join/fan:
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and support:
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and review/add

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