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[About us]
Welcome to SyNergy eSports. The dedicated competitive section of our competitive community SyNergy Gaming. We are all about the WIN and
TEAMWORK and most of all dedication.

Things we stress on

1. Teamwork
2. Communication
3. Skill
4. Competitive minded
5. Consistency
6. Dedication
7. Activity

all these 7 points we embody as we strive to maintain and develop a strong dedicated team. This division differs from "Gaming" in that this is our most serious and dedicated players when it comes to practice, matches and striving to always improve and be one of the best.

This Division is invite only. You have to actually be apart of SyNergy Gaming before u can be considered part of our dedicated eSports division.

Current clan recruitment standards:
2.0+ KDR
500+ SPM

eSports specific requirements:
Dedication to practice times
Showing interest in doin and making match times
Activity on site is mandatory as ALL our events are on the clan calendar

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