Man Bear Pig
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Platoon Presentation


Are we half Man, half Bear-Pig? Or are we half Bear, half Pig-Man?

We are an organized, formidable platoon that works together to achieve victory.
We are Man Bear Pig!

-***We have 5 founders of this Platoon and every member needs to get know them for they are the ones that made this platoon. They are: Gato, Slash, Mindstorm, Turgo and TWW. This platoon was formed by these 5 men, which always hold the title Leader. There are MBP clans that existed in different games, but this platoon was formed under different leadership. Upon the wish of a founder, they hold the right to be active members but if they choose to be inactive we shall honor their request and add another leader to keep this platoon moving forward. All founders may return to active status as they see fit from this day forward. The leader selected will remain even if a founder returns.***

Do you think you have what it take to call yourself a Man Bear Pig? Apply and we shall see...
Clan Rules:

-All members are to carry the Man Bear Pig tag through being an active member on Battlelog.
Setting your initials on the page is not acceptable and you are not recognized as a member or receive member benefits. We only want loyal members that belong to our platoon.

-When you are on the battlefield with a leader, the leader may take Squad of MBP into battle. Each member needs to follow chain of command.

-We fight fair, because blood from a hollow victory will not quench the thirst of the inner beast
-We ask all members to have/use mics while playing with other platoon members.

-We take pride, honor, loyalty, trust and teamwork very seriously.

-We don't cheat, hack, glitch and we respect the rules of the server. ***We require that you have no connection to any other platoon but Man Bear Pig.***

-We believe in being positive and having fun. We don't want any member to be consistently complaining or creating waves within our platoon. If this should take place, a warning will be provided and/or the member may be placed on probation before being kicked out of the platoon.

-We do not play against each other!!! If we cannot be on same side, we opt out after making an attempt to be on the same side. MBP does not tolerate killing your own platoon for fun. We understand getting caught on the other side while trying to join your platoon but if you are the minority, we expect you to leave the server after one round of trying. It would be nice if the majority also quit but sometimes it is hard fitting all of our members into one server on the same side. We trust our members to do the right thing after the first round.

-We expect every member to check battlelog every week to see what is new. It is appreciated when our members post on this page.*** Please check "hooah" on each announcement message to let leadership know you have read the message.***

***We believe that individually we are good soldiers, but together we are great. We don't just look at a soldiers stats to measure their contributions or their value.***
Communication, Decisions & Membership:

Primary communication would be to post on battlelog.

We just want to let everyone know they may message any questions or concerns to our leadership group without any concern of voicing your opinion by sending us an email. This option was made available to support an option to communicate a message privately versus using the platoon feed here. We care about our members and want our clan to thrive and grow. We want to thank everyone for their friendship, commitment, support and time that each member puts in.

Platoon decisions are made with each member having a voice and each leader having a vote. Majority ruling wins. We care about our members and want to be a internet community of friends that like to game.
New Members:

1). APPLY to the platoon on BATTLELOG and send an introduction email to:
2). Actively game with our members for 4 weeks (approx). The process starts after you apply on battlelog. All leaders will regularly check for new applicants and communicate with the rest of the platoon.
3) When it is made available- Join the tryout room for new clan members.
4) After receiving input from the clan- Leadership will make the decision to approve your membership.

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