KrAzY bUt DEaDly
Tag: [KBD] Fans: 2 Created: 2012-05-27

Platoon Presentation

We are a bunch of silent Predators, stalking unsuspecting campers in the jungle. We turn the opposing team into paranoid kids constantly watching their backs wondering when, not IF, WHEN they will see the tip of our knives. There are no corner, crevice, bush, trailer, container, or even a bowl of rice you can't hide in. We will find you and we will add your tags to our fine collection of exotic tags. Always remember when you play against us, be prepared to lose your tags to us. We will wear them around our necks as our trophies while we drop the nuts in your face asking you how our ass taste. We don't care about our K:D, we only care about you tags. We play this game as it was meant to be played and that's having fun and collecting your tags. Don't ever think you're safe hiding behind your teammates because you're not safe. We will run between all your teammates just to get you and we don't give care if we get killed. As long as we get your tags running between 10 guys, bullets flying all over the place. We will get you no matter what even if it costs us our death but we don't care because we are KrAzY...................bUt DEaDly.

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