The BUDs Society #2
Tag: [BUDs] Fans: 24 Created: 2012-05-28

Platoon Presentation

This is a continuation of The BUDs Society since platoons are only allowed 100 members.

Welcome all new members and if you're not a member then feel free to Fan or Join or BOTH!

Platoon Motto / Cheer: "HUA Soldier!"
Platoon Tag: BUDs
Platoon Playing Days/Nights: Sunday, Wednesday & Friday
For gaming out with old buds, new buds, meeting buds, smoking buds, drinking buds..... it doesn't matter which "BUD" you are here for, just that you're here, and we can game! This is a casual and competitive platoon that welcomes members of all ages and skill levels.

**Please wear your platoon tag when wanting to squad up with fellow platoon leaders, members, and myself so we can identify each of you in the game menus, scoreboard, and game screen easier, as well as for the leaders and members to know whom to invite to games. Please also be sure to add all your platoon leaders to your PS3 and BF3 friends lists, this helps us leaders out tremendously.
(Jess) PS3: JESS1CA_76 / BF3: JESS1CA_76
Platoon Title: Boss Lady
Skype: JESS1CA_76

(New leaders being accepted, so if your interested in helping out in the leader capacity please let Jess (JESS1CA_76) know.

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