Highschool of the Dead
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Platoon Presentation

Our enemies are zombies, we have to kill them all!
Members of this platoon will be distributed into different squads as more members join.
Add me PSN: Kurono1991

*1st Squad Captain*: Kurono1991

*2nd Squad Captain*: TheSlayerOne

*3rd Squad Captain*:

*4th Squad Captain*: BlackRSHM117

*5th Squad Captain*: Illestbeatz

*6th Squad Captain*: GITTITYnATor0

*7th Squad Captain*: Atomalino

If you want to be a captain/lieutenant:

- Always have HOTD tag on
- Be an active member
- If the Captains/Lieutenants I have selected are not active, they will be demoted to private.

HOTD website: http://hotd.bestesforum.com/


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