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|FAP| Fucking Awesome People
International Multi Gaming Clan

Hello and thank you for your interest in |FAP|.
Do you like the magical feeling when you are dominating the enemy because your team works together?
Are you interested in chatting with cool guys while kicking ass?

What we love:
- playing BF3 on hardcore setting
- team-play
- owning the opposite team =)
- cool dudes to chat to on our TS3 server
- talk openly, swearing allowed

What we ask of our members:
- Be mature. Age 21+ is a requirement.
- Be interested in team-play. Join our TS3 server and squad up.
- Be an active gamer. You don't have to play every day, but once a week is expected.

What we supply to our members:
- Our website with a forum and messaging system
- Teamspeak3 server
- A white-list entry on our BF3 server
- Lots of cool clan members to chat and play with. (Around 30 right now from Europe and the US)
- Scrims versus other clans (Just talk to one of our leaders if you want to fight us, or register on our website and Challenge Us by creating a post on our forums!)

Talk to us on our TS3 server. Have fun on our BF3 server. Register on our website.

WE ALSO RECRUIT FOR BF4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are looking forward to talk to you!
Mad-Chaos-One and the FAPpers

Website: http://www.fap-clan.com
Teamspeak: ts3.fap-clan.com
Gameserver: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/b72157e5-f283-4e4e-a937-948e1743d1e8

Follow us on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/IAMAFAP
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/IAMAFAP

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