The Real UnTouchables
Tag: [TRU] Fans: 23 Created: 2012-06-20

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{-The Real UnTouchables-}

The Real UnTouchables is a clan of actual unity. The UnTouchables are composed of family, friends and have been together upwards of 3 years (few have been in 6+ years.). This clan sticks together, works well as a team and likes to keep things light spirited. However, The Real UnTouchables are winners. We win and win often in every multiplayer game we have competed in. Losing is not something we deal well with, and this clan will not tolerate it.

Every "UnTouchable" has a purpose in this clan. From snipers, to spotters, from pilots, to wingmen. Everyone serves a purpose to achieve the maximum result. The Win

The Real UnTouchables Squad Leaders

~Alpha~ NxtDoc1851 (Untouchable 1)
Squad: oldschoolfool350, Khmai924, evil_sprite

~Bravo~ NextReaper2430 (Untouchable 2)
Squad: xX-HawkeyeZ-xX, Roody17, JUSTINRILEY

~Charlie~ L0ner93 (Untouchable 3)
Squad: L0ne-W0lfAK-47, Samon_X, Aim-7-Sparrow

~Delta~ Guttruck (Untouchable 4)
Squad: Vaulboy2627, Donnie032, Got4Skn

~Echo~ Grif05 (Untouchable 5)
Squad: Sypher_Zer0, GO_BLUE1998, Domination47

Tank Operator: NxtDoc1851
Tank Gunner: oldschoolfool350

IFV Operator: xX-HawkEyeZ-xX
IFV Gunner: Roody17

Jet Pilot 1: NextReaper 2430
Jet Pilot 2: Aim-7-Sparrow

Attack Helicopter Pilot: L0ner93
Attack Helicopter Gunner: L0ne-W0lfAK-47
ALT Attk Chopper Operator: Grif05
ALT Attk Chopper Gunner: Sypher_Zer0

Littlebird Pilot: Vaultboy2627
Littlebird DG: Guttruck

Buggy Operator: Khmai924

Vehicular JOAT: evil_sprite


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