ROGU3 Pantaloons TM
Tag: [ROG3] Fans: 1 Created: 2012-07-17

Platoon Presentation

We are a serious platoon (wink wink)
You must have:
K/D 8.38 or higher
Skill 932 or higher
SPM 1890 or higher

All members must have a microphone of some sort.
All members must pretend to love each other.
All backstabbing must be done incognito.
All members must have a job.
All members must have a High school diploma.
All members must be fluent in broken english and latin.
Foreign people allowed.
Members with shit buckets will be kicked. (colonel 100's)
All members must know the trolololol song.
All matches are recorded via HD PVR.
All hackers and boosters will be kicked and reported.

Website coming sooon....

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