2 vs 2 .44 MAG Tourney
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Welcome to the 2012 Gunslingers Tournament!

16 Teams will compete to eliminate the competition and climb to the top of the ladder and WIN!

Tournament will start August 2nd at 6pm Eastern US time, we will play the first 8 elimination matches.

August 6rth at 6pm we will have the quarter, semi final and the final match.

Team List (Battlelog Names)


Team NOOB - whiteboy & darth_aden14
Blazers - BOSS_TBONE & KoLa-KeJdI = Eliminated
Prison Toyz - TxO-WhiteKnight & TxO-BuzzKill
Team ? - ashah241 & -Sub- = Eliminated

Team NOOB vs Prison Toyz
Winner = Prison Toyz

-Eliminated Teams-

Team Lucifer - Fury Zeus & O_THE_D-DEVILS_O= Forfeit
Paranoia - zDSPEC & ?= Forfeit
TEAM RAMROD - SilvaTone & puma514514 = ELIMINATED
Iron Feces - ricknyan & BOSS_KAMI = Eliminated
OriginalCauses - craigtal1987 & unatural_Causes = ELIMINATED
Team AeX - AeX-FAST-KASH & VVV_4N = Eliminated
UnReaL__.44MAG - DR_SPAZ888 & Jfahie = ELIMINATED
The baddest Kittens - Buggsy & LordMewMew = Eliminated
Team WET - BlameLucky & Xgamera = Eliminated

Tournament Rules:
The .44 Magnum is your one and ONLY weapon.
Must use Regular Magnum (not scoped)

Player Health will be set at 80% making it a 2 shot chest/1 shot for HS kill <30 meters
Mini Map/3D spotting - OFF
Friendly Fire - ON (don't shoot your buddy!)
the KNIFE is BANNED, if you run out of shots, you'll have to wait for the reload!

Best out of 3 Matches Wins and losing team is eliminated.

Matches will be TDM maps with 20 Tickets per match
1st map is Operation Metro
2nd map is Grand Bazzar
3rd map is Noshar Canals

Matches will be played on the BOSS Nation Server (EAST US) unless otherwise specified

The Gunslingers Tournament is sponsored by your friends at BOSS Nation.


***UPDATED 08/05

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