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*****Want To Win Big Money And Have Fun Doing It!?!*****

16 Teams To Start!!!
12 Left To Sign Up!

We are currently hosting a series of tournaments regularly with various amounts of money prizes awarded to the winning teams. Your team could win anywhere from $220 to $2,222, the more your willing to pay the more you could win. There is a weekly $5 4v4 tournament, a bi-weekly $10 8v8 tournament, and a monthly $20 12v12 tournament. These Entrance Fees are per person, so the 4v4 tournament would be $20 per team but $5 per person in that team.

All transactions are processed through PayPal so that way everything is legitimate and all parties are legally covered. Since PayPal does charge us fees for each transaction except when the money is transferred directly from a bank account within the US we do HIGHLY recommend that you and your team pay your tournament entrance fee this way, so that we can increase the prize amount that your team can win. You and your team do not have to pay untill 16 teams have signed up and the tournament is ready to begin, however paying your entrance fee early does ensure a spot for you in the tournament.

Everyone must apply for this platoon and write on the platoon wall what team you are with and which tournament you wish to enter. Once 16 teams have signed up for that tournament I will notify everyone, at that point everyone must go to the website above and purchase an e-ticket for that tournament. After you purchase an e-ticket go to Contact Us and send a message with your online user name, team name, and e-mail and or phone number you used to pay with through PayPal so that we can verify your purchase.

Settings for BF3 RnR Tournaments:
The setting will be on normal minus the kill cam, we could host a hardcore tournament if enough people requested it. The maps will normally be random but will be posted prior to the start of the tournament so your team will have some time to practice. Game Modes may vary from tournament to tournament but will be posted before payments are accepted.

Rules for BF3 RnR Tournaments:
No Cheating: Glitching of any kind, hacking or modifying your Playstation to give you or your team an unfair advantage.

No Base Trapping: No trapping the enemies spawn base, the enemy team deserves the chance to at least leave their base to attempt completing the objective. This does not include spawn beacons.

No Double Teaming: If on Squad Death match no team may combine forces with another team or help each other in anyway, it is meant to be a 4-way battle.

No Jet Ramming: Intentionally using your air vehicle of any kind, to ram into an enemy vehicle (land, sea, or air), or enemy infantry is not allowed.

Show Sportsmanship: No T-bagging or sending unpleasant messages, verbally or non-verbally. Act like adults and be polite win or lose.

No COD Style Playing: This is not COD (Call of Duty), so do not play like it. Meaning no jumping up and down as you run towards the enemy shooting at him, and no jumping off buildings doing 360 degree headshots.

Guns: All guns are allowed except any full auto weapon with a fire rate over 800.

US Only: At this time only individuals who are able to send money from within the US can participate in these tournaments due to extra fees through PayPal. We will be hosting separate tournaments for non US participants in the near future, until then please be patient and we apologize.

For more information please visit our website and go to the RnR Tournaments section. Thank you!

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