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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the main page of DA_ManHaTTAn_pRojeCt_2!
CO-Founders- At0mic_ChRoniC / allmightyo


1)Positive K/D (Exeptions made on some rare occasions)
2)Mp2 Must be your primary platoon (we want 20 or 30 good regular players)
3)Must Have a mic
4)Play well with at least two classes
5)If you do not have PREMIUM get it. (not a requirement but is encouraged)
6)We want winners, you must be willing to do what it takes to WIN
7)NO CHILDREN! this is an adult platoon. (This includes Childish adults)
8)Have a squad in mind that you want to join
9)All new members will be on a two week trial!

1)No Glitchers, Hackers, or Boosters
2)We dont play CHEAP. no cheap weapons, no cheap tactics, No players that run the same weapon 24/7!
3)Your in the platoon u wear the Tags
4)It is your responsibility to get to know your teammates, friend them, & play with them
5)Check your battle log routinely
6)We Run this platoon with a squad based system every member will have a squad

This is the Mp2 platoon page.. The 509th Composite Wing, Manhattan District HQ, and 3rd Marines are MP2 Squads, Squads that are for specific members of this platoon. Positions available in each of the 3 squads. SQUADS are not opened for Tryouts, Applications, or challenges, ALL applications & challenges 4 Mp2 need to be sent through THIS PAGE ONLY. IF accepted to join Mp2 you will spend 2 weeks in the reserves befor being placed in a squad so have one in mind... THANK YOU

1)Manhattan District_HQ-(Defensive Infantry and Armor)
2)509 composite Wing-(Air Superiority & Quick Response Force)
3)3rd Marines-(Aggressive Assault Infantry)
4)Reserves-(New Members during two week tril will be in this squad, & Absentee Members will remain in this squad until they prove otherwise)

BLUE ARMY Notes & Info
1)Squad Leaders (not founders) will be leaders on there squad page only, not the main page
2)When we get enough good players we intend to engage in Tournament Play & Platoon Wars 'N' conquest, rush, domination, & squad rush
3)We may take on exeptional pilots for the sole purpose of flying for us if they wish other then this we want variety in players
4) Solders that leave then come back then leave then come back ect....ect.... will not be welcome back
5) Uniformity is the key, WE ARE THE BLUE ARMY!!! NAVY BLUE is our color & the camouflage we equip in Tournament Play & Platoon Wars. Equip what you want outside of Tournament Play & Platoon Wars but if camo dont matter to you then wear NAVY BLUE

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