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Platoon Presentation

Originals is for the people i've met along the way, and have made good friends with. I wanted to create this platoon for us to keep in contact wether we stray from the platoon's we were in together etc...

World Rankings within Friends

Ranked 409th in the world for IFV's
Ranked 601st in the world for MVP's
Ranked 805th in the world for Best Squads

Fire Eagel FTP
Ranked 434th in the world for Recon

Ranked 271st in the world for Jets

*Platoons some of us have been a part of together*
One 2 Die
One Shot 1 Kill
Team Energy

Random Odds and Ends

-Jet Pilot List-

Pilot: Velox187
Offensive Grade: 6
Defensive Grade: 6

Pilot: M40A5 Headshot
Offensive Grade: 6
Defensive Grade: 7

Pilot: Onizuka1992
Offensive Grade: 4
Defensive Grade: 2

Pilot: xDownfallx420x
Offensive Grade: 8
Defensive Grade: 9


Platoon feed

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