5v5 Inf Tournament
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5v5 Infantry Tournament (XBOX).
BRACKETS : http://binarybeast.com/xBF31209260

Play both sides. US & RU
Each team is allowed only 1 sub per match. Anymore than 1 sub please notify me or 2easy. Sub's cannot be on any other roster in this tournament.
Maps: Operation Metro, Grand Bazaar, and Teheran Highway.
Restrictions: ESL Style (No m320/No MAV/No Spawnbeacon)
Server: If both teams want to play on their own server its 50/50 so 1 round on your server and other round on the opponents server.


To deal with the mixed brackets of EU vs US timezones, each round will take place Friday-Sunday of every week. The weekdays will be used to set up the following round for the next week and so on. If teams cannot agree on a match time during these days, the team who was available to play on Sunday 4pm EST will be provided the win. Essentially, if you & your opponent cannot agree on a scheduled match time. Show up @ Sunday 4pm EST ready to play. If there is a no show, please contact me or 2easy on battlelog or XBL at that exact time.


Prize: Alright guys, here is the prize information: 1st place will receive $125. In the event that Epsilon takes 1st, the prize will go to 2nd place. In the event the other Epsilon team takes 2nd, the prize will go to 3rd place.

Understand what I just said: $125 and no one on Epsilon can win it.

Get scrimmin'


Post your thoughts/suggestions/teams below.

1. Epsilon.EU (2Easy, Beasto, Unfixed, Winghaven, Morte) X Europe
2. Epsilon.NA (Crimsix, Hulk, Chiney, Osk, Alaska/Kulagin) X America
3. Iconic (Beware, Flexsinn, Glock9, Rame, Payne) X America
4. Prime Gaming (BigAhen, Dylan is Dank, ll Auburn ll, Saehan95, Warriorpride/Zorro) X America
5. mythiX (oraxe, Bios, Furious, Fegeon, Eki/Julio) X France
6. CATz (THHeavyShooter, AceHeavyShooter, Danelo026, ballisticbert, CoG DafThomas) X Europe
7. Asterion Gaming (Atletista, Zars, Dante, Solid, Grayditch) X Spain
8. Omega (Exewuu, ViD15, Danimovich, nak4mur4, Ayugor) X Spain
9. GenesiS (Black, Furiaa, Stereo, Reflex, Spoky, FeAk) X France
10. AreS (SeLeNe , Toxic, Knoxx ,Brutus ,Blitz , Tchad) X France
11. XthAzE (EasY, StarK, iBullz, Melwen & Batlol) X EU
12. Super Casuals (Game, Murphy, Xznoe, Savage, Alco) X America
13. Frag and Trap (Rynsh, Axe, Fairy, Vicious, Reaper, Priest) X France
14. EMPIRE (Birthdayface, Prophet Zero, Ink, Vixxeta, IT Tech Support) X US
15. BURN (Brutal, Pyro, Half 8th, Notable, Detrimental, Game, Fang) X America
16. AllY (Revid, tonman, snuffle, hitman, iscrum) X America
17. eVolved Soldiers (MasKaGaZ, Scream, KaNa, DeXtor, Skeight, AnThraX) X France
18. InFamouS (Asphar, Mahaji, Miji, Nefast, Seifer) X France
19. eVolved Soldiers.Némésis ( ProoDiiG, RuusKooV, Ducky, REREW, Morse, wD4RK D0GwR3D ) X France
20. NOVA ( Zetor, Frad, Nico, Diagramme, Sellace/Sh4sHo0x) X France
21. African Albino Water Chickens (Gatti ,Bluewolf45, Triigz/Dsmith, Rampage iK , Dxterity) X America
22. raZorz eSport (riderhermes, xbox sergio, CaracolEspanol, Ricjim, AceGhostWarrior) X Spain
23. Dynamic (Dynamic_Template, Dynamic_Boink, Dynamic_Sulfur,Dynamic Wookie, Dynamic_Gaz) X UK
24. Usiu & Co (Duki PL, sulejkis90, PVP Usiu PL, pawelochojecki, CNT NeeXuZz) X Poland
25. The Pink Berets (Awesome Guage, Awesome Trade, D34D CB Sn4K3, Sick Thor, American Ninja) X America
26. Phenom (Panda Grenada, Reggae, Beastrider, duffman, Eat My Rockets) X UK
27. Team x'aka/SoX (xRUSxakaB3AsT, xRUSxakaSID13,xRUSxakaDread, xRUSxakaMafiaka,xRUSxakaVlaXeHS) X Russia
28. MFIC (Mini Krank 94, Teh TrizqaH, AndyC88, flipside2004, Danny33193) X UK
29. Gun Show ( Jrob, Mekel, Cougar Waffle, Imadeyoumad, splinter/castro) X US
30. Team AnarchY (ninja, marines, diealot, F18A, motion/rampage) X US
31. FullSpectrum: (Mudderfunker, Kankaroo, Dimitrix/SheWasAwesome, Tobi4dead, Dignitas) X EU
32. Voltage (Tranzparent, d0ugl4s3, h00v3r42o, xxJulesxx7, Sucky Punch) X America

Waiting List: Not in order. First come, first serve.
Attendants of Ares: (OGKontractKilla, DestinedFool00, MDethPope, AresxStrife, AKA Brave) X USA
Soup-A-Stars: (king zuess, marchhd, swisskilla, g2killa, swiftkidd) X EU

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