Level Battlefield #2
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Platoon Presentation

Our first five platoons are full, so please join the 6th one here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391994943349/

Join us on TeamSpeak: ts.levelbf.com

Level:BF is a structured online tournament that prides itself on housing high caliber players for a competitive battlefield experience. This 32v32 tournament involves two sides, the Blue Team versus the Red Team. Level has its own private battle server, its own private TeamSpeak server and each side is provided their own private forums.

When you register you will have the ability to select one of two sides and you will remain as part of that force for the entire campaign. The battles will take place every Saturday for 6 hours and the campaigns generally last between 5-8 weeks. You will be given access to your side's private forums, and there you will see all the various schedules, strategies, and passwords needed to be a full active member of Level.

Level:BF - a competitive Battlefield

Website: http://www.levelbf.com
Other: http://facebook.com/LevelBF - http://twitter.com/LevelBF


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