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Platoon Presentation

hey lads ;)

All member of AIR attack from DyN

I have taken the Jet and Heli fighters from the Forum
--> http://crazydynasty.spruz.com/pt/What-youre-good-at---EVERYONE-PLEASE-PARTICIPATE-IN-QUESTIONNAIRE-10.21.2012/discussion.htm <--

I read in the Forum... 4 Jet pilots and to learn on pilots job

I read in the Forum... 4 chopper pilots(?) and to learn on pilots job - 3 Chopper-Gunner
(With the Attack-Chopper... Please building a Team and LEARN teamplay)

we will Dogfights with the Teams.... to learn more and more!!!

Jet Dogfight:

Jet vs Jet
2 Jets vs 1 Jet
2 Jets vs 2 Jets

Chopper Dogfight:

Chopper 1 vs 1
Chopper 2 vs 2
Chopper 2 vs Jet (Dodging and attacking)
Chopper 2 vs 2 + Jet

hav fun and learn 4 DyN

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