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Missing the old days everone

The 141 was founded on June 25, 2012 but only opened its doors to recruitment on September 10, 2012. The clan was founded on the basis of becoming a place for gamers of both casual and competitive play styles to call their own. Formed from the concept that all decisions should be group based and not made by one individual we believe this to be the best way for any clan to progress, as such we will endeavor to make this a larger, respected & organized group of gamers and friends.

We consider each individual unique therefore having unique ideas and the potential to help us better ourselves and this clan. Each and every member that joins will find that we have active, mature, laid back and understanding leadership. We will be here for each and every member that needs help and understand that life takes priority over any gaming.

Chain of Command
FRAG V1PER - Commander

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