The Rubber Duckies
Tag: [Rub] Fans: 8 Created: 2012-12-15

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We love all cool/decent players. If you are not a decent player, but we love you, you're in too. Unlike some other clans, we love to play battlefield, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. ;)

Just message DirtyJiner and play a few games to determine levels of skill/coolness.

YOU MUST HAVE A MIC TO APPLY (or must get one withing 2-4 weeks of joining)

Min. Statistical Requirements:
1.50 KDR
400 SPM
Min. Cool Requirements:
1.) Please don't be a racist, a sexist prick, or just generally a douche.
2.) Must know "the pose."
3.) Be on pretty often it's great to have people to play with!

For those who wish to embrace us, you have the ability to change your clan tag to [RUB] once accepted. For those of you with a more competitive spirit, we've got something for that too... stay tuned! :D

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