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Platoon Presentation

We are a decade-old, invite only, professional level Battlefield 3 competitive team. We have extracted high end talent from the best teams in the world including Saga, uRxP, L4bel, xMs, 1337, LOL Squad, Flat Line, Bunyun's Army, DCRU, Flying Devils, etc...

We have proved ourselves over the last several years, dominating the public match scene at the highest level. Be assured we will be dominating teams like Rival, Nexus, No Mercy, Velocity Raptors, Team Reddit, Monstars and perhaps the best: Rival Xfaptor's Minions.

Our unparalleled rez train skills, and BrettFX level callouts will ensure our success in all future tournaments. Don't forget, if they aren't a member of this platoon, THEY ARE NOT REAL GENERIC PLAYERS!

We are currently on hold for accepting Battlefield 3 scrims, as we scrimming Battlefield 4 in preparation for the BF4 competitive scene. Requests may be acknowledged on a case by case basis.

Competitive History:

Record of 1580-0

#1 Youtube Pub Stars Tournament
#1 TWL Tank Superiority Tournament (Andy)
#1 TWL 8v8 Ladder
#1 TWL 4v4 Squad Rush Ladder
#1 TWL 4v4 HC Squad Rush Ladder
#1 TWL 5v5 Ladder
#1 TWL 5v5 HC Ladder
#1 TWL 5v5 Close Quarters Tournament
#1 CGL 8v8 Draft League
#1 CGL 8v8 Tournament
#1 CGL 4v4 League
#1 CGL 5v5 League
#1 PSG 4v4 Squad Rush Invite Tournament
#1 Alienware 8v8 Season 1
#1 Alienware 8v8 Season 2
#1 Alienware 8v8 season 27
#1 World Cup All Time Ever
#1 Dreamhack 1997-2014
#1 Pax EAST 2012
#1 Reddit vs Reddit Tournament
#1 CAL-i 8v8 Seasons 1-6
#1 PSGL Season 1
#1 ESL Eurofest 2012
#1 iGo Tournament
#1 Epsilon eSports Invitational BF:BC2
#1 Gamescom Plantronics BF3 4v4
2009 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductee
#1 NEO Star League 2012
#1 THOR Open 2012
#1 Acer StarCraft Challenge
#1 World e-Sports Masters 2012
#1 IeSF 2012 World Championship
#1 ESP Berlin Open
#1 1776 American Revolutionary War
#1 ESL Pro Series Germany Winter Season 2012
#1 MLG vs Proleague Invitational
#1 IGN ProLeague Season 1-6
#1 2012 DreamHack Open - Winter
#1 2011 GSL Blizzard Cup
#1 2011 MLG Providence
Gold Medal London 2012 Summer Olympics Mixed Doubles Badminton
#1 PAX PRIME 2012 CSGO Tournament
#1 The International DOTA 2 Championships
#1 Doom II Deathmatch '95
#1 Electronic Sports World Cup 2000-2012
#1 2010 World Cyber Games League of Legends Grand Finals
#1 QuakeCon 1995
#1 WCG 12v12 CS 1.6 2012
#1 ESWC Scoutznknivez World Championships
#1 BF3 Atlanta Lan Fest 2012
#1 BFV TWL 8v8
#1 BFV TWL 5v5
#1 BC2 TWL 8v8
#1 FEAR- OGL 4v4
#1 Forumfield TWL Ladder

Sponsored by:
Gatorade™, Warner Brothers™, Nickelodeon™, Twitch TV™, Kleenex™, Mountain Dew™, 5 Hour Energy™, NFL™, Punkbuster™, Hot Pockets™, Tapout™, Kirkland™, Steam™, Tamagotchi™, Ninja in Pyjamas™, AMD™, Cheetos™, Razer™, 9gag™, Four Loko™, Windows™, Steelseries™, ASUS™, BenQ™, Fatal1ty™, Playboy™. Full Tilt Poker™, Pepsi™, 7/11™, Pawn Stars™, Mini™

This is certainly not a flavor of the week team, as we intended to last for years, if not decades. Our members are mature, most even having high school diplomas.

Describing Generic:

"This is OP stuff" - rivaLxfactor

"...all of them are really good." - daskro

"Do not fuck with these people" - George Washington

"10/10: would not fight again." - Chuck Norris

"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: GenericBF3" -Winston Churchill

"I'm sorry, I cannot nerf players, only weapons." - Alan "Demize99" Kertz

"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of Generic BF3 Comp Team" -Alexander the Great

"These are the players that will torture you in your nightmares." - Big Mac

"This is a pretty good team, eh?" - Tim Horton

"These people don't play by the rules. They have their own set of rules, which they don't play by." - Ninjafiend

" Always two there are, the loser and the Generic BF3 Comp Team" - Jedi Master Yoda

"No one has better strats than these guys." -BrettFX

"We must get the WMD's out of Generic BF3 Comp Team's hands" -George W. Bush

"Hey guys, Levelcap here. In my opinion, these guys are the M16A3s of players. They are not only versatile, but they are the best players at trying hard. This is Levelcap singing off." - ILlVILlCIAlPl

"These guys have too much swag for me." -Supcom

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