Bedtime Stories™
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Welcome to Bedtime Stories™.

Each night at 3am (NZST) and 1am (AEST) I will be reading out a random bedtime story for those who struggle to go to bed. Scenarios will change and the stories will be adventure packed.



- Have your Monitor/TV switched off (optional)
- You have to be in a resting position (i.e Laying down on your bed)
- Be from Australia or New Zealand only (or kick)



- No interruptions (warning then kick)
- No speaking over me (warning then kick)
- giggling/laughing is allowed (keep it under control)
- Tissues are a must (some stories could get sad)
- Max 12 people (including me)
- 14+ age restriction


Server: It will be hosted on a VeniX server called (HoneyBadger's Bedtime Stories)



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