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Platoon Presentation

Hello everyone! I welcome all gamers out there as I'm rly proud to be a part of the gaming community. I've created this platoon mainly for my fans and friends who can't join cause of 100 friends' limit list

Feel free to join ...

Metabans -
Youtube -
Twitter -!/DJ_Casper07
Facebook -
Streaming TwitchTV -
Steam -
TS3 -

My PC:

Big thnx to:
4LmighTYYY for creating Logo for my platoon
N3MBOT for memorable montages
NoVa-K3kzZ for montaging too
my friends: VoroN1337, CMEX_1337, K4wkaZ, Poymep and so on guys from platoon Good Company - who spent a lot of time with me fragging in FPS games!!!

Appreciation from DJ_Cas!!!

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