Elite Operatives
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This is the proving faction for the Elite Mortals. Same rules as the Elite Mortals apply:

Welcome to the Elite Operatives, those people that have become disillusioned with the random players that plague your day to day life in Games. The rules for EO are extremely similar to those of the Parent Group: [EM] Elite Mortals

1 - There is a clear command structure within this platoon, it goes thus: Founder, Leader, Member... Any Leader will have proved themselves on the battlefield over many hours and will be automatically placed as a squad leader, so please listen to them and follow their orders and there is the potential for progression for you.

Please note that becoming a leader in the EO platoon does not qualify you as a leader in EM, although it does help.

2 - Team Work is essential, listen to your squad leaders commands and follow orders if you are a member, we always play to win and find strategies on each map in order to achieve this goal.

3 - Communication. If you have a microphone then you better use it, despite the VOIP lag, we expect you to use the chat function to warn of enemy locations if you don't have time to spot them with the select button. If you're in a squad, use squadmates names in order to make the process easier.

4 - Ideally, we would like you to be 18 years of age or over, we do swear a lot and as such, it might be inappropriate for a young child to hear the language that we sometimes come out with, this is not a strict requirement though.

5 - We would ideally like to attract a group of people from the United Kingdom as this is our Base of Operations but we also welcome applications from all parts of the world. We have no minimum KDR, SPM or any other requirements in order for you to apply to join the platoon. We merely ask that you follow orders and perform to the best of your abilities.

6 - Wear your heart on your sleeve (also known as wear the clan tag, if this is your primary clan). Our clan is a small one but we will consider all applications for mutual alliances.

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