Goliath's Hammer
Tag: [GH] Fans: 8 Created: 2013-02-28

Platoon Presentation

Our Motto:

Make a spark
Start a fire
We'll take your soul,
and let your body retire.

Goliaths hammer is primarily a conquest our clan focuses on teamwork not your KD, or your SPM or even your rank. Our clan needs good mature players who can learn quick and adapt to hostile situations under pressure, and basically think outside the box. We run our clan like a democracy where every member is valued and respected.
So if you are looking for a clan to be a part send any leader a battlelog friend request and join a few games with us.

General of the Army
--Da Behemoth 2084
Lieutenant General
--Sesio4-commander of special forces
+ Assassinbad
+Knob Laggy
+Km4n Onl1n3
Major General
--Catcrazy2020-commander of logistics and air force
+DL CantbeBeat
+Mamimi Haruko
+xFaze Creampie
Brigadier General
--Uncltwinn /co commander Assassinbad-commander of the infantry division
+Black Rainkills
+D hidden snipa
+A Big Gun
+Master Angelz
Foreign Legion
--OutdoorracerX- commander of the foreign legion
+Knob Laggy
+Km4n Onl1n3

The -- designates that member a squad leader
The + designates that member a squad member

RD The Red Devils- Lead by Captcrunch


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