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Platoon Presentation

You must join our Teamspeak and speak to a Officer before you can join the Platoon.
If you request to join before that, you will be denied.

Who we are:

Ghost Company is a gaming community, focused around Battlefield 3, including its eSports community. We are a multicultural community, featuring a diverse selection of members from all around the globe. Ghost Company is a combination of three different groups: an eSports team, a Clan Competitive Team, and casual players who just want to play. We're all a friendly group, welcoming new additions to our community every day. Our two competitive teams focus on teamwork and team play, using Teamspeak to communicate to each other properly.

What we do:

Currently Ghost Company has an eSports team that focuses on 8v8 and 12v12 eSports matches. The Clan Competitive Team focuses on 16v16, up to 32v32.

Our eSports team plays various different types of matches, and are quite active. Membership to the eSports team is Invite Only.

What we're looking for, and how to join:

We're looking for mature players; we currently have no age requirements. We are multi-cultural, with people from all over the world, you must speak an acceptable amount of English. We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate with each other, so you must have a working microphone, and be willing to use it. Hackers and cheaters are not welcome, and need not apply.

To sum up, to be a member of Ghost Company you must:

Be a PC player.
Speak an acceptable amount of English.
Have a working microphone, and willing to use it.
Generally play at least 2 or 3 times a week.
Hackers and cheaters need not apply.
If you feel you fit that criteria above, feel free to join out Teamspeak 3 server to speak to an Officers about joining. They will guide you through the proper recruitment process, and get you set up on our website:

Here is our TeamSpeak3 address:

Our Public Servers:

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