Slaughter Company
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Slaughter Tatical Competitve Gaming. We Fight to Win and suck it up if we Lose. We Learn from our Mistakes and fix them "Fast" if you some how beat us we will find a way to counter it with full force
how to join:
K/D: 1.00 (some Exceptions)
Good Communication
Must Be Active
Colonel 1+ (Some Exception)
Good Teammate
Focus on their Job
Age 15+
If all Checks out ask Caleb1943 or Hootdawg for Inv
Air Leader-
Attack Helicopter-
Attack Helicopter Gunner-
Drop Troopers-

Ground Team
Ground Leader- Caleb1943
Tank Driver- Caleb1943
Tank Gunner-
Fast Response Team-

2v2 - 0-0
3v3- 0-0
4v4- 0-0
5v5- 0-0
6v6- 0-0
7v7- 0-0
8v8- 0-0
9v9- 0-0
10v10- 0-0
11v11- 0-0
12v12- 0-0
Wanna Scrim? Msg Caleb1943


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