BROz Rush/Cq Tourney
Tag: [None] Fans: 28 Created: 2013-04-14

Platoon Presentation

Regular tournaments hosted by Last Laugh Lunatics. The goal of this tournament is to give clans/platoons that are new or not yet involved in competitive gaming something to work towards in a fun, professional environment.

LLL Invitational I: The Reflex Network [TRxN]
LLL Invitational II: Band of Brothers [BROz]

Match Setup:
- Each round of a tournament will last one week (Sunday thru Saturday). It is up to the two matched clans to agree on a time and date for the match.
-The match can be played on any of the clans' servers.
- The winning clan will post on this platoon's battle feed. (i.e. LLL [WIN] vs XXXX)
- Depleting the opposing clan's tickets to 0 will give your clan one point. Each clan will be allowed to attack and defend on a map except in the case of a tiebreaker. A tiebreaker map will be played once and whichever clan completes their objective successfully will be the victor.
- The last clan to attack chooses the tiebreaker map (cannot be a map already played) and the other clan will choose whether to attack or defend.

What We Require From Competitors:
- Respect other clans. This is to be a fun, stress-free tournament.
- Follow all tournament rules and any additional rules decided among clans facing each other.
- Clans must be prepared for each tournament as they will be routine (every 2-3 months). This means showing up on time for scheduled matches with the required number of people.
This platoon will have representatives from all participating clans/platoons and is a place for expression of ideas and/or opinions.

1- KoreanNerd - Last Laugh Lunatics [LLL]
2- palmerthekid- ︻┳ BAND OF BROTHERZ ┳︻ [BROz]
3- WHz_TheCrank-- - TheWarHoundz WHz [WHz]
4- TheRealGoo-- -Elite Armored Division-[EAD]
5- TheBigHairyMan-- Aʟᴘнᴀ & Oмᴇɢᴀ™ -[AaO]
6- m8y-player -- BaD Company-[BaD]
7- oldhag271 -- Not Safe For Work-[NSFW]
8- CJ2041 -- RAGE-[RAGE]

Tournament Bracket
Week #1: June 22nd - June 30th
1 vs 8:[LLL] vs. [RAGE]
2 vs 7: [BROz] vs. [NSFW]

The winner of [LLL] vs. [RAGE] will play against the winner of [BROz] vs, [NSFW]

3 vs, 6: [WHz] vs. [BaD]
4 vs. 5: [EAD] vs. [AaO]

The winner of [WHz] vs. [BaD] will play against the winner of [EAD] vs. [AaO]

Above is the match-ups for week1. The two teams will set up a match among themselves, and post the winner on this platoon wall

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