Zombie mode!
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Trying to play BF3 in different way. This platoon was made for informing/gathering players for zombie mode sessions. so feel free to apply to the platoon

we use this Teamspeak server all the time : voice.fno-games.com:9185
and we mainly play on this server : http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/pc/f1a2e1e8-e3fc-4411-9964-631dedee218f/4Ever-BF3-3-Unranked-Dogfight-War-Server-20/
thnx to topper and yati and the guys <3

How is this meant to be played :

a zombie will randomly be automatically chosen each time , he will be a tank which means it's gonna take a lot of bullets to kill him , The zombie have to infect other players using defibrillators or repair tool or knifing them , zombies can also use m320 smoke but don't try to kill people with it , it's forbidden use it as smoke cover only .

Objective of each side :

Humans : killing 22 Zombie Lives will make them win the game
Zombies : they have to infect all players (killing them with repair tool , defibrillators or knife take down)

PS : no explosives allowed , using them = auto kick from server


Suggested server settings:

• zombie HP : 1000-2000% (so army of bipod LMGs don't blow zombies into smithereens instantly) , not sure which value would be good - need tests/suggestions
• no 3D spotting - no easy-mode :) Each human must really focus on his awareness and look around carefully for sneaky and brutal zombies.
• I suggest to disable mini map as well, I'd prefer to look for zombies with FPS camera only.. no fancy game HUD, it should make zombie mode more climatic and rely heavily on observing surroundings. The harder it's, funnier it will be.
• small conquest mode - less flags, harder to find humans/zombies by seeing blinking flag icon

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